About Us

Since 2014, volunteers of YSD Association (Singapore) have been actively promoting the learning of YuanShiDian (YSD) .

We are committed to educate & raise awareness of YSD to the public, through our regular activities eg experience session and basic theory class. With the proper practice of the ways of Yuanshidian, we hope to be empowered as masters of our own health.

Our Mission & Vision
  • Mission: We are committed to educate and promote Concept of Yuanshidian to the public. We aim to provide a free platform for the public to learn the proper ways of Yuanshidian.
  • Vision: Through the proper knowledge and practice of Yuanshidian, the public may be empowered to be masters of their own health.
Services we provide
  1. Experience Sessions
  2. Basic Classes
  3. Learning Centres (Severe Symptoms)