3rd Annual General Meeting (Online Zoom Meeting ) 第三次常年年度大会 (线上ZOOM视讯会议)

15 May 2020

Dear Members,

NOTICE OF 3rd Annual General Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 3rd AGM is to be held by way of electronic means (online Zoom Meeting):
特此通知,第三届常年年度大会将通过视讯会议(采用ZOOM 会议进行)举办:
Venue地点: By way of Electronic Means (Via Zoom Meeting)
                     通过电子视讯的方式进行 (采用ZOOM 会议)
Date 日期: 17 July 2020 (Friday) 二零二零年七月十七日(星期五)
Time 时间: 7.00pm to 9.00pm (晚上七点至九点)
1.       Opening of Meeting by President
2.       To approve Minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting held on 25 April 2019
3.       To confirm & approve the Audited Accounts for financial Report ended 31 December 2019
4.       To present annual activity reports for the calendar year 2019
5.       To propose and approve nominated members for the Committee
6.       To update on YSDA Membership
7.       Other matters, if any
Related document and details for the meeting shall be available for member’s viewing on the week of AGM in YSDA’s website.
On Behalf of the YSDA Committee
Secretariat Office
NOTE: The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be 30 voting members or 25% of the total voting membership present, whichever is lower. Members shall attend in person and no proxy shall be accepted. In the event of insufficient members to form a quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for half hour to commence at 7:30pm.
Members who wishes to attend the Annual General Meeting via web meeting, please <register> your interest by Friday 10 July 2020,  where instructions to download the appropriate Apps and Meeting Id shall be provided via email.
Strictly Private and Confidential
All information and Material related to AGM, including but not limited to, those available via web and teleconference, are only for registered members of YSD Association (Singapore), which should not be disseminated to any Third-Party.